C.E.M.S. - Christine Edith Medical Support



ACCV has recently entered into partnership with the Vietnam Paediatric Hospital to provide financial support  to seriously ill children requiring long term medical support.

We are sponsoring the Endocrine ward in particular. The children suffer from diseases such as Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Osteogenesis Imperfecta etc.. 

Unfortunately these children are not receiving the daily medication required to sustain their health, many of them become seriously ill or worse because of the poverty

cycle the family has no escape from. As we accept children into our sponsorship program we address their needs on an individual basis, we are there to support them

and their family on their quest for good health and basic medical care.

The Endocrine ward at the hospital has a list of 200 children from very poor families they would like us to support. At this point we have accepted 33 children, as we

build our  Christine Edith Sponsorship program we can accept more from the 130 children who are still waiting.

C.E.M.S - Christine Edith Medical Support program has been named in memory of Christine Edith Moraghan. She had a nursing background and she was a very

caring human being with a soft spot for children. This project would be very close to her heart.

Sadly, there are many children living in poverty in Vietnam who are very ill. As part of our project to break the cycle of poverty, we are assisting families who have

seriously ill children in desperate need of surgery and medical care. I would like to briefly introduce you to one such family.

Vinh is only twelve years old. Her family are very poor, they come from a rural area hundreds of kilometres outside of Hanoi. 

Vinh’s parents are farmers, they earn approximately  $30.00 per month, and they  have five children to raise.   Three months ago she became ill with hepatitis which

has  deteriorated and she is now seriously ill with liver disease.  Vinh and her father  travelled to Hanoi where she has been hospitalised for over two months. 

The family have sold their farm animals and borrowed money to try to cover Vinhs medical and other expenses. They are now falling short by at least $1,000.00

required to continue with their daughter’s medical treatment. This brings enormous stress on top of the heartache of having a seriously ill child.

ACCV has agreed to help Vinhs family as part of the Christine Edith Medical Support Program






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