ACCV was established after the Vidotto family went on a family trip to Vietnam in September 2006. During our visit we spent some time at Friendship Home Orphanage in Hanoi.

We were completely taken with the children of Friendship Home and with the street kids and former-street kids that we met during our stay.

We were also quite overwhelmed when we compared the quality of life given to our own children as opposed to the plight of these Vietnamese children who are just as bright,
just as delightful, and just as deserving of the opportunities necessary to reach their potential! We returned to Australia determined to do something, and as a result the
Australian Charity for the Children of Vietnam (ACCV) was born!

ACCV is now an official NGO in both Australia and Vietnam. We do not receive financial support from any government or corporate sector and must be self financing. Financial
support comes from and direct donations. We work with an increasing number of underprivileged young people, many of whom are blind. We strongly believe in helping them
to help themselves.

ACCV currently has three major programs:

1.   E.L.I.T.E – English Language & IT Education for blind students                                                                       

      Our main objective is to give the students the opportunity to further education and future job prospects. Employment and independence is our ultimate goal.


 2.   A Brighter Tomorrow - Breaking the poverty cycle through education and support
       We are currently supporting a number of students through high
school and  university.

3.  C.E.M.S -   Christine Edith Medical Support  – Partnership with Vietnam Paediatric Hospital.                                                                                                                         

      ACCV will provide financial aid to seriously ill children requiring surgery and  medical care.

We believe in a very direct approach, we fund raise, we then head back to Hanoi and the money is  distributed directly where it is needed. There are no
middle-man expenses, 100% of all funds donated go directly to the children of Vietnam, all administrative costs are donated by the Vidotto family.




Australian Charity for the Children of Vietnam     ABN 14 124 019 290      O.F.T. - CH1679      

ACCV is a non-sectarian organisation

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