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Empowering Sau

We have spoken a lot about Sau and little Nhi in recent times, their lives have not been easy but thankfully things have are now looking up for both of them.

Sau is doing very well with her sewing lessons and is becoming quite the seamstress. She has made a number of cute little outfits for Nhi to wear which is lovely. She is slowly building a business mending clothes for locals, including our staff in Hanoi. We are recruiting her services to make a few items that will be sold at the ACCV stall at the HIWC Bazaar coming up in Hanoi, be sure to have a look out for them.


Diep's Story

Diep is a sweet little two year old girl. She lives with her parents and elder sister. When Diep was only three months old she was diagnosed with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH). This was a terrible shock to her family; they had to borrow a great deal of money for her treatments at the National Hospital of Pediatrics.

Thankfully, not too long after her diagnosis Diep was introduced to ACCV and began receiving much needed support. She started receiving regular medication and was able to go to the NHP for her check-ups. This has greatly improved Diep’s life and she is getting healthier each and every day.


Practice Makes Perfect

Sinh is a young blind student in the ACCV English Class at Ba Dinh Blind Association; he also studies at High School.

When we first met Sinh last year he was very timid and quiet. He knew a little bit of English prior to joining the class but wasn’t too confident in his ability. He would shy away from talking English with anyone. But that didn’t last too long.


Kindness Gives Dat a New Life

Dat is a sweet, little six year old boy who was diagnosed with Brittle Bone disease at birth. Throughout his young life things have been quite difficult for him as his parents are living in poverty. They could barely afford the medication and care that Dat needed.

Things became even more dire for little Dat over the years as he slowly began to lose his hearing. Things were further complicated when it was discovered that Dat was also losing his vision due to cataracts.


Doctor Thao’s story - Six years in the making

Many of you will have followed Thao's story over the past six years.

We first met Thao and her mother back in 2008; they were both barely scraping by selling rubbish they scavenged to pay for food and basic living supplies.  Thao had dreamt of becoming a doctor since she was a little girl after watching her mother’s battle with illness....

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