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Nhi's Birthday Celebration

Lovely photos of Sau and Nhi celebrating little Nhi's birthday this year. This is the first time they have celebrated her birthday, you can see just how much better they are both doing and how happy Nhi is with her cake.

Sau wished to send her sincerest thank you to her sponsors for making precious moments like this possible.


Duc and Dat's Story

Duc and Dat are twin brothers, both diagnosed with Brittle Bone disease. They are both in grade five at primary school. They live at home with their parents and elder sister. Their parents are both farmers and work long hours to support their family.

Duc and Dat have only been to the hospital for medical treatment sporadically over the years as the family were unable to afford to pay for both children’s fees. During one of their stays in the hospital one of the doctors introduced Duc and Dat to ACCV and they have been supported since. This was a great relief to the family.


Guest Blogger Hong - My Bus Diary

Our latest guest blogger post from Hong, her English has improved so much! She recounts a few of her many stories from travelling by bus in Hanoi. I think we have a writer on our hands!

“Hello everybody,

My name’s Hong. I was a student of ACCV English class at Thanh Tri blind association. I’m now a staff member of ACCV, in the Hanoi office in Vietnam.  I often go to work and study by bus. On the way home from school and work, I have dealt with many silly situations that made me not know to laugh or cry. I also heard a lot of short funny stories from people who are on the same bus with me.


Ha's Story

Ha was only six years old when he had to be taken to the National Hospital of Paediatrics after falling seriously ill. He stayed at the hospital for a few weeks with doctor’s running numerous tests, sadly it was discovered that Ha had Diabetes.

This was quite a shock for his parents, who were very saddened by the results, not only because of their worry for their young son but also the financial impact of paying for his medications and treatment.


There's no stopping her now!

We have very exciting news!

After receiving excellent results on her finals, Doctor Thao was offered a job at a local hospital. Thao was very pleased to be offered a job straight after graduation and it has been wonderful for her and her mother.

Thao can now afford to pay for their living expenses, her mother’s medication and care and her own tuition fees. That’s right; Thao is going back to school to continue her studies! What determination this girl has!