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Guest Blogger Mai - 2014 Charity Bazaar

Every year the wonderful Hanoi International Women’s Club (HIWC) holds a Charity Bazaar which generates funds for various projects across Vietnam. The Bazaar would arguably be the social event of the year in Hanoi. It’s an amazing day that is attended by tens of thousands of people. Each year HIWC extends an invitation for Not for Profits, NGOs and charities to run their own charity table which provides an opportunity for them to share information about their cause and to become better known within the community.

Our lovely office manager, Mai, as a guest blogger has written about ACCV’s stall at this year’s Bazaar.

We were excited to be attending the Bazaar again this year...


Hai's Story

Hai is only two years old; she was diagnosed with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia when she was born. This was terribly sad news for her family as they have had three son’s die from the disease, though it was unknown why at the time.

When Hai was one, she underwent corrective surgery which was a very difficult and expensive time for the family, with both her parents being seasonal farm workers earning a pittance.


A Christmas Gift that Gives Again

Well here we are in the lead up to another Christmas! Like many people I’m wondering where the year has gone? It has just flown by!

We have had a very busy year at ACCV. It has been a year of peaks and valleys, some very sad stories that left us feeling quite helpless and other tales of triumph that fed our determination to keep going and change as many young lives as we can.


A young girl’s courage

Trang is such a lovely girl; she’s one of those children that light up the room with her smile, everyone warms to her. But there’s a lot going on behind that beaming smile.

Trang lives with her parents and her older brother. When she was seven, little Trang became quite sick and with little recovery her parents took her to the hospital. They were devastated to find out that not only did she have diabetes but she also had leukaemia!  We can only imagine the stress they were under as they not only feared for their child’s life but with such little income they had no way of funding the treatment she so desperately needed.

It was at this point Trang’s parents were introduced to ACCV and we agreed to help them with the financial aspects of Trang’s treatment, while they focused on caring for their child.


Thao's Story

Thao suffers from Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, and at only six years of age this has made her life very difficult. Her parents are farmers and caring for Thao and her sister, paying Thao’s medical fees and raising a family has been difficult; they often find it hard to make ends meet and consequently Thao’s medication is neglected for other staple items such as food and rent.

Often Thao would be so ill that she would remain in the hospital for many weeks and could not return home. This worried her parents as they could see how weak their little girl was and how much her illness was taking its toll.