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Sang's Story

Sang was diagnosed with CAH when he was only a few days old after being rushed for emergency treatment due to his health rapidly declining. 

This was devastating news for his family, knowing their little boy would be quite sick and on medication for the rest of his life.


Sponsorship provides a second chance

Dung is fourteen years old, she is currently in grade nine at school and soon she will be in high school. Dung’s father lost his eyesight seven years ago and this has made her family’s life quite difficult. Her mother works long hours as a motorbike taxi driver and when she has down time she will also sell food and drinks to earn a little extra income.


Ly's Story

Little Ly was born with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia; this was quite a shock to her parents. Her mother in particular took the news hard, knowing how sick her little girl was.


Catching up with Yen

It’s hard to imagine what life has been like for Yen, as I wrote recently in (Paying it Forward) her life has not been an easy one. At only seventeen years of age she has been burdened with pressures many of us will never know.

Yen has faced these hardships head on, making the best of her situation and striving to move forward.


Truc's Story

Truc is a sweet little girl of three; she lives with her parents and her elder brother. Her parents both work in the rice fields and when he can; her father collects recycled rubbish to earn a little more money.