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Beauty is only skin deep

Oanh is one of three children in her family; however she is the only one who suffers from albinism.  She has white blonde hair and very fair, pale skin. As a child she was often the bud of jokes, attracting much attention from people. She recalled “I cannot remember how many times I have cried when people teased me.” She felt very isolated as she was the only person with albinism in the entire district.


Age is Just a Number

One of the eldest students in our ELITE classes, Dung, or “Dung Uncle” as he is so affectionately known by his classmates is nearly seventy years old! Working at Ba Dinh Blind association he heard of our ELITE class and he was the first to sign up, eager to begin learning English.


Hong, A Nominee

Recently Hong was nominated for the Vision Award for Inspiring Women that the Hanoi International Women’s Club holds annually. This award celebrates women with the courage, strength and determination to make their vision for a better community a reality.


Cheeky Monkey Tung

Tung and I were classmates at high school. Our friendship seemed to become closer since Tung joined to ACCV English class at Hai Ba Trung blind association three years ago.

Tung is a smart and cheeky boy. He can talk to you on any topics and you will find that it’s really hard to stop laughing when Tung stays beside you.


Bicycles, Bicycles, Bicycles!

Each day our Brighter Tomorrow students must walk to and from school, for many of them it's quite a long trek! They also spend a large part of their days helping out with chores and doing homework, making each day extremely long and tiring.