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Quy's Wedding

Recently we received some wonderful news about Quy, one of our former students; he has gotten married!

We could not be happier for Quy and his new bride, who met one another whilst doing massage therapy. I remember when first meeting Quy, he was a rather withdrawn, shy young man, well that has all since changed! He is now quite confident, outgoing and very social. You can see just how far he has come in The Best Kind of News.


Duong's Story

Duong is a smart, optimistic little boy who loves to make people laugh. He hopes to become a comedian when he is older and help to ease the burdens of others with the ‘medicine of laughter’.

Duong was diagnosed with Brittle Bone disease at birth and as his bones have been so fragile he has broken them many times and without receiving the necessary medical care he is unable to walk.


What Is and What Should Never Be

ACCV began supporting Chinh, a young, partially blind woman who at the time had recently discovered she was pregnant. Whilst this should have been one of the most special times in Chinh’s life, it actually caused her great despair. The father, upon learning of his unborn child left, not ready for the responsibility that an infant would bring.

Chinh, felt alone, unsure of what to do, she questioned whether she should keep the baby...


Happy Year of the Goat

Today marks the beginning of the Year of the Goat; Tet is a special time in Vietnam; not only does it cement the beginning of a New Year and a fresh start, but it is also a time for families to come together from near and far to celebrate. 

Everyone is in a mad rush for the few days before Tet, finishing up their work for the year (it is bad luck to have work to come back to), buying gifts, traveling home and getting ready for the upcoming festivities. It's a wonderful celebration marked by the making of sticky rice cakes, giving lucky money and decorating the house.


Visiting UNIS

Recently a few of our staff and ELITE students had a meeting at UNIS (United Nations International School). It was a wonderful opportunity for our Blind students and the students at UNIS to come together to have a fun day out and learn about one another and share in their experiences.