English Language & IT Education (E.L.I.T.E)  Program for blind students.                                                                                                                                      

Our goal is to provide a safe, challenging, educational environment for young blind people.

ACCV has been implementing our English language training course for young blind students.  The program commenced in May 2009 and we  have now completed the
pilot training course and training course level one.


Learning English and taking part in the classes has given the students confidence in their own abilities and as a result they are broadening their horizons. They
also learn English to increase their job prospects in the future.   It has been very interesting and quite a privilege to observe these once shy, withdrawn young
people actually develop personal goals and ambitions for the future. The students are progressing very well and they are really enjoying the classes. Each of the 
students now has dreams for the future. ACCV is very committed to helping them to achieve these goals.

We have recently developed a tutoring programme to assist those students requiring extra tuition. A fully qualified English language teacher comes to ACCV’s
office to tutor the students one on one. This extra tuition is proving to be very successful in maintaining the classroom standard and preventing students from
 falling too far behind. ACCV also plans to organise  tutorial sessions out at Thanh Tri Blind Association to  accommodate those students who cannot commute
 to our office.  The  assessment modules in the course materials assists the teachers in identifying those student who require extra assistance.

ACCV has produced a variety of interactive learning tools that the students particularly enjoy. A game of Dominoes, songs with lyrics, flash cards and other
 activities all contribute to a positive, interesting classroom environment to help the students learn English effectively.


Our ultimate goal is to provide an Educational and Social centre where young blind people can complete vocational courses, join a Braille library, take part in
 an English club, or just hang out and enjoy socializing with their peers, both blind and sighted


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